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Brake Repair in Lansing, MI

Why Is Brake Repair So Important?

At first glance, we can understand how this can seem like a silly question. We use our brakes to stop our car, that’s the only reason we need right? Yes and no. Yes in that we need our brakes to stop our car, but no to that being the only reason. Maintaining quality brakes not only help you stop, but also helps the overall health of the car. When driving with bad brakes, you can cause some serious damage if left unchecked.

Wondering what some of those things are? Here are some examples.

You Could Destroy Your Brakes Beyond Repair

When your brakes’ thicknesses have worn down, you’ll start to hear a squeak or screech sound. That’s the manufacturer’s built-in design telling you it’s time to replace your brakes. When you start hearing a grinding noise, that means your brakes are COMPLETELY gone. As you can guess, that’s not part of the manufacturer’s design.

When grinding happens, the steel that the pads were protecting is now making contact with the brake rotors at a high speed. Over time, this steel-on-steel contact can create deep grooves on your rotor and you’ll face thousands of dollars in repairs or a complete replacement.

You Put Other Drivers in Danger

As the quality of your brakes deteriorates, you’ll start to notice it becomes a lot harder to stop quickly. Maybe they aren’t as responsive and your brakes feel “spongy.” Or maybe you notice your car rumbling as you try to stop. If left unchecked, this could put you and other drivers around you in danger. Driving can be unpredictable at times and it requires strong brakes to get you out of tricky situations. Not having great brakes available can decrease the overall enjoyment of driving or worse, get you in an accident.

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